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The Savvy BookWhat is Savvy about?

Fake news is nothing new. Technology has turbo-charged its spread leaving us inundated with misrepresentations, exaggerations, and outright lies. Finding the truth is like searching for a needle in a haystack. We are in a crisis of trust—no longer knowing who or what to believe.

In the post-trust era, so much is out of our control, and yet there are ways in which we can inoculate ourselves. Savvy is a book about the human glitches that cause us to fall for alternative facts and what we can do to override them. In Savvy, we meet the social scientists who questioned the behavior of Nazi war criminals, Ivy League football fans, John F. Kennedy and more to better understand why human beings often suspend critical judgement and readily fall for fakeness. We also meet current CEOs, politicians, media moguls and artificial intelligence engines to examine why we put our trust in people, organizations and information that is biased (or blatantly deceptive) while doubting credible sources.

Savvy guides you out of the post-trust era and includes science and analysis that makes you more informed and savvy in the business world and your personal life.

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